Blach Construction

What They Do

Construct commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in the education, healthcare, technology, professional services and civic arenas.

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California
Founded: 1970
Employees: 169
Annual Revenues: $125 Million.

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What Makes Blach Construction Company Great

When a Blach Construction employee learned that her husband was very ill, the company immediately stepped up. Management set up a support group for the family and delivered groceries to her home. She worked only as much as she could and was guaranteed her full-time job back whenever she was ready to return.

From what employees here say, that kind of personal support is typical at Blach, a construction company known for taking care of its people with benefits, opportunities for professional growth and a fun, friendly workplace.

“This place is a sincerely amazing company,” one employee says. “Everyone is willing to put others first and make true sacrifices for both the good of the company and the individual employee.”

Inside Story

Employees say the friendly, personal tone at Blach Construction comes straight from Chief Executive Michael Blach, who’s known for taking the time to get to know all of his 160-plus employees.

“He would not flinch if asked to remember the name of each and every one of us,” one employee says. Adds another, “The owner of our company is a very ethical and polite man, and he casts the kind of shadow that makes others want to be their best and care for each other.”

Blach’s personal approach must be infectious, as 99 percent of employees say the company is a friendly place to work, and at least 95 percent praise managers for being approachable, competent, trusting and appreciative.

“The leadership team is open, unselfish and truly wants to see everyone succeed,” one employee says. “You see this with the fairness in which they distribute and award recognitions, promotions, bonuses and even the way they work to fight to have the best health care benefits for everyone.” Nine out of 10 employees feel they are paid fairly for what they do and receive a fair share of the organization’s profits.

Employees also say that management’s open doors and personal interactions lead to a great deal of valuable mentoring. Blach expands those opportunities for growth with tuition reimbursement of up to $2,500 a year for approved coursework and certifications.

In addition to a health insurance plan that covers 90 percent of premiums for full-time employees and their dependents, employees also have a 100 percent 401(k) match up of up to 3 percent of their income, profit sharing, $10,000 in fertility and adoption assistance, fully stocked office fridges and an annual bocce ball tournament. An annual employee appreciation day sends workers to the golf course, spa or shooting range. It’s all part of a benefits package that 96 percent of employees say is unique and special.

“Blach Construction really cares about their employees and shows it through all the great things they offer to us and the way the treat us,” one employee says.

Employees give Blach Construction high marks for giving back to the community as well. In 2012, the company donated $151,000 to community organizations. In 2010, rather than celebrate its 40th anniversary with a blowout party, Blach launched a “40 Avenues of Service” program, giving employees 40 different ways to give back to the community. “The level of corporate philanthropy is unparalleled,” one employee says.

Blach Construction is expanding: in the past two years, the company added 40 new employees, and annual revenue has risen to $125 million. One employee notes that space in the main office is already a little cramped, however, the company says it’s planning an expansion. Although employees give management high praise for communication, some say there is room for improvement when it comes to keeping field employees on the same page as those in the office. Otherwise, the gripes are few, and the company says it’s planning improvements to keep employees happy, including a stronger focus on employee wellness, and additional customer service and management training.

While the company’s friendly, generous and caring spirit is a key part of what makes it so distinct, employees also praise the organization’s effectiveness at the nuts and bolts of the business. Nearly 100 percent of Blach’s staff say that teamwork is strong, employees cooperate, and people consistently give extra to get the job done.

“I think some companies provide great amenities for their employees because it seems cool and attracts people to their organization, but ultimately doesn't always come from a deep concern about employees' well being,” says one employee. “Here, it comes from a genuine desire to help employees reach their full potential in all facets of their lives, which benefits the company, themselves and their families.”

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