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Offer audit, tax, business consulting, human resources and technology services to clients in the United States and worldwide. 

Headquarters: New York, New York
Founded: 1895
Employees: 45928

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What Makes Deloitte Great

deloitte employee photoOne day each June, Deloitte's entire U.S. operation essentially comes to a standstill as employees across the country take a day off to volunteer in their communities. This is Deloitte's "Impact Day" — a call to arms amongst its employees to make a difference through financial contributions or by volunteering their time and skills to non-profits and other social causes around the world.

"This is a day that the company for all intents and purposes shuts down to do volunteer work, and it tells me as an employee that we are about more than just the bottom line," says one team member.

While Impact Day is a highlight of the year, Deloitte encourages a persistent focus on giving back throughout its business, incorporating volunteerism into its onboarding programs for new hires, offering paid sabbaticals to support extended volunteerism, and sponsoring company-wide employee-designed volunteer initiatives. Over 2,200 of its people serve on boards of community organizations and other non-profits, and the company raised millions of dollars last year for United Way — one of countless organizations it supports.

As a result, 91 percent of its employees feel good about the ways Deloitte contributes to the community, and just as many are proud to say they work for the Big Four firm.

"Many companies describe their beliefs and values but don't deliver so it is easy to be skeptical," an employee says. "Deloitte consistently has over delivered on its beliefs and values. I can't believe it took me this long to get here."

Inside Story

Deloitte's corporate citizenship activities provide a good lens to understand what it's like to work there, because as caring and altruistic as the initiatives may be, the company is also clearly focused on ensuring that its people's talents are applied smartly to these problems and that the initiatives they are involved in have concrete, measurable and long-term impacts. Yes, they are strategists and accountants at heart, and Deloitte encourages employees to apply their native problem-solving and thought-leaderships skills on behalf of the causes they support.

Deloitte's U.S. employees are part of a global network of 200,000 Deloitte professionals spread across more than 150 countries, and it is a hard-working bunch. More than nine out of 10 employees say that Deloitte staff carry a lot of responsibility, and just as many report that people are consistently willing to give extra to their jobs. Employees respect each other's skills, and it inspires them to perform at their highest level. "The experience and knowledge of people that work at Deloitte is amazing," says one employee of the advantages of working for the firm. "Everybody seems to be top gun here."


For a group that prizes hard work, knowledge and skill as much as Deloitte employees do, it makes sense that the company has invested significantly in programs to develop staff. One manifestation of this commitment is Deloitte University (DU) —a 107-acre campus near Dallas, Texas that Deloitte built to be the focus of its learning-centered community.

"Deloitte has made a great investment in training its employees by building Deloitte University," one employee says. "I've been with the firm less than a year and I've already had a chance to go twice, and have a third trip booked. Getting the opportunity to devote so much time to learning has greatly increased not only my work quality and output, but also my job satisfaction."

deloitte employee photoDU's physical location is a supplement to an extensive range of online learning, tele-classrooms in regional offices, on-the-job mentoring and coaching, mock client simulations, international job opportunities and other programs that support employees in their career development. "I feel like there is constant learning here, which is great," says one employee; 90 percent confirm that Deloitte offers the training and development they need to further themselves professionally.


Intense Work

As is the case elsewhere in the industry, CPAs and other employees work long hours during tax season or while assigned to a client project.

Deloitte offers a range of flexible scheduling options, including telecommuting, flex time and part-time work options, and, according to the company, nearly all their employees tap into one form of flexibility in their schedules. The company also offers sabbaticals, parental leave and wellness programs to help employees create balance in their lives.

Eighty-three percent say they're able to take time off from work when they think it's necessary, and many speak to the support they say they have to manage their work. "I am not required to be at the office for any specific set of hours and have the opportunity to work remotely from home or where I choose," one employee says.

Nevertheless, a challenging workload is not unusual. While slightly more than six in 10 employees say they are actually encouraged to create balance in their lives, many employees describe "the nature of the job" as one where "everyone is extremely motivated and expected to put in long hours to get the job done." The intensity of the work may be part of the reason that some employees would like to see improvements to profit sharing programs; about half of employees currently say they receive a fair share of the company's profits.


Through as much responsibility as employees carry, Deloitte employees are there for each other: 91 percent find Deloitte to be a friendly environment, and 86 percent find they can consistently count on their teammates to cooperate.

"There are many days where the responsibilities of the audit profession are overwhelming due to the significant level of trust that is placed in us by the investing community," explains one worker. "However, there has not been a day that I have felt alone. There is a true sense of partnership that exists within Deloitte and we are very much a 'family.'" 

"It is rare that to get along both professionally and personally with almost every single person you meet, especially at a large firm like Deloitte," another employee says. "It shows that though we recruit from everywhere, the level of talent and personality we seek in our employees is consistent across the firm, which is a feat worth recognizing."

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