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Offer SaaS-based social recognition programs that companies use to reward employees.

Headquarters: Southborough, Massachusetts
Founded: 1999

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What Makes Globoforce Great

This HR software maker helps other businesses reward workers for great work and performance, and its own employees nearly unanimously praise the company for doing exactly that. Managers and peers use the company’s social recognition software - naturally - to call out employees for their extra efforts. As more than one employee says, "We eat our own dog food." These “Globostars” earn prizes along with the public accolades.

In all, 97 percent of their employees feel appreciated for good work and extra effort.

"Whether formal through our Globostars recognition program or informal through conversations in cubes or hallways, ‘Thank you!’ rings loud and clear across all of Globoforce,” one employee says. “I know beyond a doubt that what I do every day makes a difference - to my colleagues and to our customers - because I am told clearly and specifically why and how what I do matters," one employee says.

Inside Story

For Globoforce employees, no good deed goes unrewarded. Award levels include $25 Call Outs, and $200 Scream It! awards for implementing a short-term project, up to $500 Vision awards for meeting long-term projects. When the time comes to redeem rewards, employees can choose items from leading brands around the world. A monitor in the U.S. office’s reception area streams a live feed recognition program so employees walking by can see which of their colleagues is being recognized and why.

Beyond the public praise and awards, employees describe the company’s culture as warm, energetic and innovative. In fact, 100 percent say they're proud to tell others where they work and feel a sense of pride at what they accomplish. Almost all employees also say it's a friendly place to work, one where people care about each other. "The spirit, camaraderie, talent and dedication of the people who work here is unrivalled," one employee says. "People bend over backwards to help each other and to do the best work possible."

The friendliness extends beyond the private technology company’s U.S. headquarters in Boston to a second headquarters office in Dublin, Ireland. Employees say they are in constant communication despite the geographic divide and time difference. "Both offices get along so well, sending emails, returning phone calls, etc., throughout the evening to make sure tasks are completed," one staff member says.

Globoforce gets its Irish spirit on for St. Patrick’s Day, with Boston and Dublin offices throwing GloboGreen parties featuring green treats and a green dress competition. To encourage teamwork and camaraderie, a GloboFun committee plans other celebrations, including a Yankee swap, ice cream sundae competition, holiday party casino night, GloboBake cake bake off. Outside of special events, employees are treated to free snacks, condiments and drinks daily. In all, 96 percent of employees say the company celebrates special events, and 97 percent say it’s a fun place to work.

Globoforce is on a growth streak and 15 to 20 percent of the company’s global workforce have switched to a new area or received a promotion in the last year. All of Globoforce’s employees say when people change jobs they’re made to feel right at home, and 92 percent report that management does a good job of assigning and coordinating people.

With regard to financial compensation, nine out of 10 employees say they are paid fairly for the work they do. Nearly two-thirds feel they receive a fair share of the organizations profits, though some employees suggest that equity shares in the company would be well appreciated.

To keep track of what employees are thinking and how they’re feeling, Globoforce surveys its staff twice a year and uses the results to set action points. Based on recent information, the company started holding more fun events in the office, doubled its office food and beverage order, and is increasing manager training.

An overwhelming majority (99 percent) of employees say they want to work at Globoforce for a long time. "I don't feel like just an employee, I truly feel as though I am a part of a team that cares about the company and each other."

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Employees appreciate how much the recognition company recognizes them, and love the friendly, fun, entrepreneurial environment.


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