Hyland Software

What They Do

Develop enterprise content management and process management software used by health care, finance, insurance and manufacturing industries as well as in government and high education.

Headquarters: Westlake, Ohio
Founded: 1991
Employees: 1763
Annual Revenues: $280 Million.

Hyland Software, Inc. has been awarded:
FORTUNE's 100 Best Companies to Work for ® 2014

What Makes Hyland Software Great

Hyland Software Employee PhotoTo attract top-notch workers, tech companies can offer some pretty outrageous perks. But even in such a competitive industry, it's not often employees can choose between two gigantic slides - one straight metal and the other plastic and curvy - to get from the second floor of their office to the first.

Getting where you are going fast is part of the fun at Hyland Software — whether it's a team pulling together to develop their latest OnBase enterprise content software release, or just taking the opportunity to slide quickly between floors. Employees who work from the $280 million company's Westlake, Ohio, headquarters also have use of onsite diner, massage therapists and hairstylists, and get free Starbucks coffee and tea, candy, pretzels and frequent food trucks visits. The perks are overseen by a company Minister of Culture and human resources team that prefers to call itself The People Place.

"Hyland is a no-nonsense, business-first company," says one employee. "But they believe that if you work hard, then you should play hard too!"

Inside Story

Hyland Employee PhotoThe perks and casual atmosphere are well-loved at this rapidly-growing firm, which has 10 locations in and outside the United States. Almost everyone (96 percent) finds that people are willing to give extra to get the job done, but their hard work is balanced out by great workplace amenities, accessible leadership and strong spirit of fun, which 94 percent of staff say regularly animates the workplace.

"There is an energy and buzz to the organization that I've never seen before," one employee says. "People are passionate about their jobs and our product.”

Employees say that people regularly pull together to do what it takes to deliver for clients, and well more than nine in 10 believe that everyone is "in it together" and can be counted upon to cooperate. In addition to enjoying a strong sense of teamwork, more than nine out of 10 employees also say that they feel they personally make a difference at Hyland and are proud of the work they accomplish.

Work-Life Support

While the company's onsite amenities are some of the more visible ways it takes care of its people, employees widely cite managers' support for their work-life balance as another critical differentiator setting Hyland apart. Nearly everyone (98 percent) is able to take time off when they need to, and almost as many (93 percent) report that people are actually encouraged to create balance in their lives.

Hyland Software Employee PhotoIts many onsite perks -- which also include a seamstress, a manicurist, dry cleaning pick up, car detailing, and gym -- make it easier for employees to take care of personal needs during their work day. Of particular help to working parents, the company hosts an onsite Montessori childcare center. Employees not at headquarters have access to the company's alternative work schedule programs: Hyland allows employees to consolidate their work weeks into four days and take the fifth day off up to 12 times a year, and staff are trusted to work from home as needed.

One employee, who has a special needs child, describes Hyland's support for balancing a demanding work and personal life as "priceless," as is the opportunity "to parent my child the way I need to and still be viewed as a valuable contributor to the team."

Accessible Leaders

Part and parcel with Hyland's casual atmosphere is the accessibility of its senior leaders. More than 90 percent of its staff finds managers easy to talk with, and nearly as many say that they are kept well-informed of important issues and able to get direct answers to their questions.

More than one employee calls out CEO Bill Priemer by name in this regard, marveling at how comfortable they feel stopping by his office for a roundtable, joining in with one of his paper airplane flying contests, or just appreciating the fact that he takes time to talk with all 1,700-plus employees once a week to keep people up to date on company strategy and events.

This value for accessibility is even mirrored in Hyland's physical environment, where rather than seating staff in walled-off cubicles, people work from pod-based seating areas that give them a clear view of their colleagues.

"The environment here is great," one employee says. "I don’t feel like there is any friction between departments or staff and management. It has a great team atmosphere."

Team Feeling

Other employees would agree with such positive assessments of their teams, and by wide margin: 94 percent find Hyland has a "team" or "family" feeling, and this goes for employees outside the headquarters location as well. "They have made a conscientious effort to make it so that the remote employees feel like a part of the team/family,” one employee says. ”They make an effort to record all the important meetings and make it available to all."

While the company makes an effort to be inclusive, those employees not located at one of its campuses may feel like they are missing out on some of their colleagues' onsite perks. Also, the software industry is a competitive environment, so it's not surprising that some employees suggest that pay rates need to be evaluated or suggest increased profit-sharing is in order. Still, more than two-thirds feel they are currently paid fairly and more than three-quarters receive a fair share of the company's profits.

With 93 percent of Hyland's staff reporting that they actually look forward to coming to work, it seems most don't want to go any place else soon. In fact, they are quickly being joined by other new colleagues, as the company has been on the fast track in recent years, acquiring companies and adding more than 550 new positions in the last year. From where they are sitting, most employees report they have it made: "When I look at what other ‘cool’ companies do for their employees, I sometimes think that it would be neat if Hyland did that same thing," one employee says. "Then, Hyland busts out some new perk or program and I think to myself 'Hyland is the shizzznizzle.'"

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Work-life balance support, accessible leaders, plenty of onsite perks and a Minister of Culture to oversee it all reminds employees to play as hard as they work at this growing software company.


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