LeasePlan USA

What They Do

Handle financing and maintenance for leased vehicles that companies provide to employees.

Headquarters: Alpharetta, Georgia
Founded: 1983
Employees: 489

LeasePlan USA has been awarded:

What Makes LeasePlan USA Great

When LeasePlan has news to share, employees don’t have to wait to read it in the company newsletter. A team of 40 employees who’ve been designated “Buzz Builders” communicate particular aspects of the company's strategy, sharing updates with an assigned group of staff, and then filtering workers’ feedback back to management.

It’s just one of the ways that employees say the fleet vehicle financing outsourcer keeps them informed and in the loop on business decisions. Employees say senior management also makes a point of seeking their input on everything from an ongoing office remodel to charitable projects to social events. At regular town hall meetings, employees can ask senior management questions directly or anonymously.

It’s part of LeasePlan Chief Executive Michael Pitcher’s “open kimono” policy of information sharing. Nintey-six percent of employees say management keeps them informed about important issues and changes, is approachable and easy to talk to, has a clear view of where the business is going, and makes expectations clear.

Pitcher, who makes a point of learning every employee's name, is so well-liked that one staff member suggested cloning him so the company would be "doubly fantastic!"

Inside Story

Employees give management at the Alpharetta, Georgia, company high marks for keeping their word. During the recession, employees say LeasePlan assured them that there would be no layoffs, then kept that promise -- and rewarded them for sticking it out through tough times. Last year when business was exceptionally good and LeasePlan met certain strategic goals three years ahead of schedule, every employee got a surprise holiday bonus. In all, 98 percent of employees say management is honest and ethical, and 95 percent say people in the company are “all in this together.”

As one employee put it, "a real family like LeasePlan sticks together through the hard times as well as the good."

Employees’ efforts are rewarded in other ways too. Employees who embody one of the company’s core values can get tapped for a front-row parking spot for a month. Every quarter, the company selects an employee from that group to get one of the coveted parking spots for 90 days plus a fuel card for gas. Through a newly launched online rewards program, employees who meet quotas, accrue years of service or are celebrating a birthday receive points redeemable for gifts. Ninety-five percent of employees say management shows appreciation for their good work and extra effort.

"The CEO has created a culture at LeasePlan that makes it enjoyable to work hard, because you know it will be appreciated with parties, bonuses, jeans' days, recognition at Town Hall meetings and/or high fives in the hallway!" one employee says.

Beyond rewards and recognition, LeasePlan fosters a positive environment where 97 percent of employees feel a sense of pride in what they accomplish and 96 percent say they care about each other. When one employee couldn't afford to fly to a relative's funeral, the company’s executive management cashed in frequent flyer miles to get him there.

Employees have a variety of options for balancing work and family, and 97 percent say they're able to take time off when they need it. According to the company, 42 percent of employees use flexible scheduling, 10 percent work a compressed work week and 21 percent telecommute. With a manager's approval, employees can also work from home one or more days a week on a regular basis.

This compassion extends to LeasePlan Cares, an employee-driven, community outreach program that partners with charities such as the Atlanta Children's Shelter and Shelter, Inc., and Susan G. Komen, in honor of an employee who died of breast cancer. Employees receive 16 hours of paid time off annually to volunteer and a one-to-one match on charitable contributions is often available as well.

Ninety-eight percent of LeasePlan’s staff say the company is a great workplace, and many struggled to come up with any suggestions to improve it further. One employee commented, “I am sure there is something that could be done better since nothing is perfect, but I sure am having a hard time thinking of anything.” Some employees suggest that pay could be higher, some would like to see facilities improvements, and others have specific business process improvements they think could be helpful. Yet the majority of employees are experiencing the workplace positively in each of these instances, with, for example, 81 percent of LeasePlan employees reporting that they are paid fairly.

All in all, 94 percent of employees say they plan to work at LeasePlan for a long time. "Management puts forth an excellent effort to create a work environment that is family oriented, fun and collaborative," one says.

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