Mayo Clinic

What They Do

Provide patient-focused medical care, research, medical education and information on diseases, healthy living and more. 

Headquarters: Rochester, Minnesota
Founded: 1919
Employees: 44297

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What Makes Mayo Clinic Great

employee photoMayo is renowned for its patient-focused care. It is one of 68 National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers and has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s Best Hospitals for 24 consecutive years.

Not surprisingly given its reputation, more than nine in 10 employees are proud to tell others where they work, and proud of their accomplishments as part this premiere team. As more than one employee attests, working at Mayo Clinic comes with a "great sense of pride in the Mayo name and reputation; people really believe that they are part of something special here." 

With a culture of care for employees as well as patients, 88 percent of staff say they have no plans to leave for a long time.

Inside Story

The not-for-profit medical practice, medical education and research group is based in Rochester, Minnesota, and also has locations in Florida and Arizona. A new program called Mayo Clinic Abroad will establish programs for providing international humanitarian education and volunteer aid. Mayo also supports local communities through initiatives like the Good Samaritan Dental and Health Clinics it operates for the underserved.

Employees take pride in providing exceptional patient care, especially in complicated cases. From physicians and nurses to administrators and groundskeepers, the clinic's more than 44,000 employees (about two thirds of whom are female) draw inspiration from the organization's clear focus on patients. "Every employee puts the needs of the patient first," more than one employee attests.

employee photo To help keep every employee in touch with the impact of their daily work, Mayo Clinic started a communications campaign called the Mayo Effect designed to remind employees of how their work saves lives, an approach that has been emulated by other hospitals. The campaign is meant to emphasize co-founder Dr. Charles W. Mayo's deeply held belief that "There are no inferior jobs in any organization. No matter what the assigned task, if it is done well and with dignity, it contributes to the function of everything around it and should be valued by all." Accordingly, the vast majority of Mayo Clinic employees (87 percent) are confident that they make a difference at Mayo Clinic, and feel that their work has special meaning, rather than just being a job. The numbers also back up the widely-held sense of respect for all roles: 82 percent of employees say that they are treated as full members of the organization regardless of their role.

"Management recognizes that everyone in the organization plays a vital role in providing the best possible service to the patients," describes one team member. "This includes employees from all levels including physicians, administrators, house cleaning, dietary, maintenance, bus drivers, nurses, IT, finance and every person in the company. I am always amazed that Mayo Clinic has been grown so much since it was established and yet the family type of atmosphere still exists."

employee photo Friendly Work Environment  

For an organization with its name recognition, you might be forgiven for wondering how welcoming to newcomers this elite group of Mayo employees is. Ninety-one percent of employees say, "very."

"When I first started my position I felt as though I was joining a 'family,' and I have never before been made to feel so genuinely welcomed when starting a new position," recounts one team member. "Literally everyone treated me with so much kindness and respect, it was incredible. I never felt like I was asking a 'stupid' question when working with these amazing people because they make you feel so comfortable and at ease."

The warmth continues long beyond the initial welcome, as the majority (92 percent) find Mayo to be a consistently friendly place to work, and nearly as many (87 percent) also say that colleagues care about each other. "Total strangers who work for our company have stopped to ask if I needed help when I was just adding oil to my car in the commuter lot," one employee says. Another employee says "everyone is on the same team."

While a widespread spirit of fun in the workplace might not be the defining characteristic of such a serious field, many team members (84 percent) say that Mayo does incorporate regular opportunities to celebrate special occasions throughout the year. There's the Everyday Heroes awards and Mayo’s Got Talent competitions; giving blood at Mayo Clinic is a team event in which winners receive trophies or a pizza party. Employees from the Arizona campus also conducted a 202-mile run in hospital gowns to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

Seven out of 10 employees say that Mayo is a politics-free environment, but some employees say that conditions can vary across the company depending upon your manager. Others suggest that they would like to have more direct input into management decisions that affect them. However, the organization does provide a number of in-person large- and small-group formats for providing feedback, as well as regular surveys, focus groups, and online forums to collect input.

Overall, Mayo Clinic employees enjoy a friendly, collaborative environment focused on providing some of the best patient care in the country, and 20 percent have voted with their feet by working at Mayo for 20 years or longer. "Mayo is a great place to work because Mayo cares about its patients and its employees," one employee says. "The patient comes first here and Mayo also treats the employees well."


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Mayo Clinic employees take pride in providing patient-first medical care and working together on teams where everyone is respected.


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