What They Do

Sell gas, food, and other offerings via locations in 11 states.

Headquarters: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Founded: 1958
Employees: 14002
Annual Revenues: $12152 Million.

FORTUNE's 100 Best Companies to Work for ® 2014

What Makes QuikTrip Great

quiktrip employee photoWhen customers enter a QuikTrip convenience store, they are welcomed with a friendly word and a smile. And 95 percent of employees say the same friendly spirit that keeps customers coming back is part of employees' everyday experience at QuikTrip.

Many employees work at different stores during their tenures and say the friendliness is a staple no matter where you go. "I've only worked for the company for a year and I've been at four different stores," one employee says. "Each time I've been welcomed with open arms and made to feel like I've been here for years."

"I started building friendships with the other employees the first day I started work at QuikTrip," says another employee, adding that this experience goes up the chain: "If I'm having a rough day, management always seems to care and put me in a better mood." 

The Inside Story

This fast-growing chain employs full-time personnel who are on their feet up to 10 hours each day, cleaning, selling, and providing excellent customer service. Despite the physically challenging work, QuikTrip employees feel proud of the work they do and the company they represent. Ninety-three percent of employees are proud to tell others they work at QuikTrip.

Their pride partly stems from the valued rewards employees receive. "They offer great benefits," one worker says. "I am paying much less than all my friends for [health] insurance." Ninety-three percent of QuikTrip employees agree that their benefits are special and unique.

Employees also take pride in the work they do, which they say is much more than simply selling snacks and drinks. Instead, employees say they focus on serving customers' needs. The company "doesn't have to ask you to put on a smile, the job is so simple and fun," one employee says. "You can't help but give excellent customer service."

More than eight out of ten employees say they actually look forward to coming to work, and their appreciation for Quiktrip shows in the company's retention rate. Today, there are 330 employees who have more than 20 years tenure and the full-time turnover rate is less than 10 percent.

The Nuts and Bolts

Some employees wish the hours weren't quite so long. "Keeping stores open 24/7 can be tiring for employees," one says, yet 92 percent of employees also say they are able to take time off of work when necessary.

While convenience stores open 24 hours don't have a reputation as extremely safe workplaces, 93 percent of QuikTrip employees say they work in a physically safe environment. The CEO has committed to never opening a store in a location where he would not allow his own children to work, and employees say the company takes all necessary precautions to keep them safe. In addition, stores that are classified as being located in urban areas pay higher wages. 

No matter where they work the majority of employees (95 percent) say it's easy to do their jobs because they are given the resources and equipment that they need. Nearly as many (91 percent) say that the company also provides the training and development they need to grow professionally. Every employee gets a one-on-one meeting with their store manager at least every other month to discuss job performance as well as what QuikTrip can do better for that employee. A range of job-specific training is provided to new managers and other newly promoted employees. The company also provides several free, on-site college courses and tuition reimbursement of up to $4,400 per year for both full- and part-time employees.

Some employees suggest that QuikTrip can improve by implementing "a different promotional system," but overall this assessment seems to in the minority, as three-quarters of the population says promotions are consistently awarded to those who best deserve them.

quiktrip employee photoFamily Feeling

QuikTrip employees say they appreciate feeling like they are a part of a team where everyone takes care of each other. "When I had kidney cancer, the management jumped to see that I was taken care of," one worker says. "QuikTrip is self insured; they cooperated with Cancer Treatment Centers of America and all medical folk I dealt with. I am alive and well thanks to all these people who practice love above all."

Ninety percent of employees say there is a family feeling at QuikTrip, and that makes the company a great place to work. "We are all a team and when I say all, I mean every store," an employee says. "I love how we all operate the same, and wherever you go, you don't feel out of place."

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