Radio Flyer’s iconic products do for children what the company does for its workers — make them smile, laugh and feel like they’re part of one big family.



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What They Do

Build children’s wagons, tricycles, scooters and other ride-on toys.


Radio Flyer Inc. has been awarded:

Best Small Workplaces 2013 (ranked 13)

What Makes {company-name} Great

Think back to your childhood and there’s a good chance at some point it included a shiny red wagon — a Radio Flyer red wagon to be precise.

This toy company’s iconic products have been creating fond childhood memories for people since it was founded in 1917. Close to 100 years later, it elicits the same warm feelings in employees as it does in fans– not because employees pull each other around in wagons, but because they appreciate that Radio Flyer is a fun and family-like place to work. Where else would employees feel comfortable bringing their grandmothers to work?

“The main thing that makes Radio Flyer so unique is the individuals who work here,” one employee says. “It can be very hard to find people who care and are friendly, but ‘Flyers’ truly care about each other. The ingrained sense of teamwork and family make Radio Flyer special.”

Inside Story

Joy is one of the first things most consumers think of when they think of Radio Flyer, and that includes the company’s 60 U.S.-based employees, nearly 90 percent of whom confirm that is indeed a fun place to work. “Everyone works hard, works together and has fun,” one employee says.

Radio Flyer encourages this light-hearted atmosphere through its products — which employees have been known to ride to meetings — and also through activities and celebrations organized by the company’s SMILE Squad. Favorite events include a Halloween party, regular celebrations of milestones such as marriages and newborns, pizza parties, happy hours and food and games during lunch hours. When employees’ kids head home after the company’s annual “Take Your Kids to Work Day,” their parents hang around for their own turn in the giant bounce house. Nearly 100 percent of their staff say that Radio Flyer is a friendly place to work where people regularly get together to celebrate special events.

“All the events we experience together help us get closer,” one employee says.

Employees also enjoy what they do, with nine out of 10 saying their work has special meaning and that it’s not just a job. Potential employees are put through a careful process in order to make sure they fit the company’s culture. In a play on the Golden Rule, Radio Flyers operate according to the Little Red Rule, which is written on the wall of its office stairwell and the backs of everyone’s business cards. A “VMV” symbol (which stand for Heart, Smile, Wagon) also shows up everywhere. Chief Executive Robert Pasin - known as the Chief Wagon Officer – personally meets with all candidates, and some new hires get one of the company’s iconic wagons filled with flowers delivered to their home before their first day.

Employees are supported in other ways as well, including helping the health-conscious group stay fit. The vast majority of employees (98 percent) take part in everything from Weight Watchers and marathons to triathlons and intramural sports. Employees who participate in those activities get $300 to help offset the cost. The company reimburses people who bike, walk or run to work at the rate of 52 cents a mile, and outfitted the office with a bike room, lockers and showers for their use. “Just the fact that they're incentivizing people to be healthier shows how much they care about the employees,” says one person, who runs 10 miles to the office a few times a week.

Radio Flyer doesn’t just take care of its own; the company looks outside its own walls to spread good cheer. Each year, the company donates thousands of wagons and other toys to schools, non-profits and hospitals, and in 2012 made additional cash donations of $289,000 to community organizations. Employees get two paid days off a year to volunteer for the charity of their choice.

While Radio Flyer naturally excels at fun and games, there is also plenty of work going on in the organization, and employees generally share a lot of faith in their leaders. Ninety percent or more say management is competent, as well as honest and ethical in their business practices. Eight out of ten or more say that managers communicate well, and that the organization has all the basics like training, fair pay and work-life balance support in place. Some would like management to share a clearer vision for the company’s future, and though eight out of 10 employees say they have opportunities for recognition, a few would like there to be more. Some employees say it’s time for some facilities improvements, an issue management appears to be addressing with the recent addition of a “backyard” for its Chicago headquarters office that includes a patio, garden and grill. The company says other goals for the future include emphasizing sustainability, as well as helping employees further develop their careers to find out what they can do to “make a difference for yourself and the world.”

Many employees say wouldn’t change a thing about working at Radio Flyer. “Whenever someone asks me about my job,” one employee says, “I have to stop myself from talking their ear off with all the great things about this place.”

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Great Perks

  • Taste of Radio Flyer: Inspired by Black History Month and Cinco de Mayo, Radio Flyer invited everyone to share their heritages through stories and food. Some brought photos and one person actually brought their grandmother.
  • Little Red Rule Award: Employees who demonstrate the company’s values in an exceptional way are rewarded with a charitable donation in their name, $150 gift card, an extra vacation day and a personalized parking spot.
  • WagonU: Employees can take more than 25 classes through Radio Flyer’s professional development program, called WagonU, either onsite, through informal learning groups or online. Topics include subjects such as "Grow Yourself, Grow the Team, Grow the Business."
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Employees can get reimbursed for up to $5,250 in approved education courses every year.
  • Recognition: In 2011, to celebrate a significant sales milestone, all employees received iPads. Other recognition programs reward people’s efforts with spot bonuses, gift cards, extra vacation days and company parties.
  • Health Care and Retirement: Employees are offered two health insurance options: an HMO for which the company picks up 100 percent of the cost, and a PPO for which the company pays 85 percent of the premiums. Radio Flyer offers a 401(k) and matches half of what an employee contributes, up to 6 percent of an employee’s salary. A separate profit sharing retirement plan has averaged contributions of more than 10 percent of an individual’s salary over the past 10 years.
  • Office Perks: The company’s Chicago area office has a wellness room, bike room, lockers and showers, outdoor walking trail, and landscaped backyard and patio, complete with a garden and a grill.
  • Referral Bonus: If a job prospect is hired based on a referral, the employee is eligible for a bonus of up to $5,000.
  • Warm Memories: Radio Flyer thanks employees who leave the company voluntarily or involuntarily with a Warm Memories book of pictures of the employee celebrating at company events.

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How to Get Hired at {company-name}

If you want to get hired here, be prepared for a rigorous consideration process. Radio Flyer uses a 10-step system to find candidates that fit the company’s culture and values, which are summed up in its Little Red Rules and Flyer Code.

In the process, you’ll be assessed on three key areas: commitment, values and technical skills. It begins with a resume review, followed by a phone interview and then an initial on-site interview. After that, you’ll be asked to complete a written evaluation of your past work successes and failures and answer 15 written questions. A second interview digs deeper into your technical skills. The process includes an online personality assessment, one-on-one meeting with Radio Flyer’s Chief Wagon Officer, CEO Robert Pasin, and lunch or an off-site meeting with the hiring manager and members of the team.

You may be used to supplying potential employers with a handful of references, but Radio Flyer wants 10, and says it will check in with at least five. You’ll also undergo a drug screening and background check.

If you have a connection to Radio Flyer use it: about 25 percent of new hires are referred by existing employees.

For more information, visit their careers page

Hiring Outlook

Hiring Outlook

-1%Job Growth 112Average number of applicants per opening
10%Total voluntary turnover in past year 1799Applicants in past year
16Openings in past year 25%New hires by employee referrals

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What Employees Say about {company-name}

Great Rated! collected feedback from {company-name} employees via an anonymous survey.  Following are quotes that the data indicated represented common themes in employees’ feedback.

"Flyers" truly care about each other. The ingrained sense of teamwork and family make Radio Flyer special. I strongly believe this is an attribute than comes from the top down. As a result of this caring trickling down, the culture is strong and united.
Great work hours, management is very flexible when it comes to how and when you get your work done. It's the best environment I've ever worked in for true work/life balance.
There are young employees with a great deal of responsibility here. Talented employees are recognized, rewarded, and given more opportunities to expand/improve.
(I would like to improve) the work space. I would like to move into the new space and have a more open place to work - where all departments could interact more regularly.
Radio Flyer believes that developing people will lead to long terms success. It's not just about developing people professionally, but personally as well. Much of the leadership/personal development training that I have attended has help me be better in my career and at home.
We have the greatest brand!  People's faces light up when you say you work at Radio Flyer.
The health benefits are fantastic (medical and dental). The 401(k) match is nice and the profit-sharing program is generous and greatly appreciated.
(I would like to see) More recognition of those who deserve it.
My co-workers genuinely care about one another. It's more of a family environment here and it's very positive.
We can dig in so hard to our work that sometimes we are not working directly with the other departments.  It would be great if we could do an entire company team building event where we work with members from each department.
Our newly landscaped "backyard" and patio, complete with a garden and a grill, are great places to get away from my desk and recharge.
The CEO is a down-to-earth type of person and is friendly. He talks to everyone and it can be easy to have a conversation with him about the company or life outside of work.
To further encourage health and wellness, an onsite fitness center, healthy foods, fitness classes and massage would be great additions.
The employees enjoy each other at Radio Flyer, and I think, when it comes down to it, that's the most important piece to a great place to work.



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