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Develop email data driven solutions that large organizations use to strengthen customer relationships and protect their brands and consumers from abuse.

Headquarters: New York, New York
Founded: 1999
Employees: 400
Annual Revenues: $58 Million.

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What Makes Return Path, Inc. Great

On the morning of October 30, 2012, a Return Path employee was wading through his flooded basement, clearing out ruined clothes, appliances and other wreckage that Hurricane Sandy left behind, when his son came to tell him someone wanted to see him. The employee opened his door to find Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg standing in the driveway with cupcakes, cleaning supplies and a bottle of scotch.

“I’d only worked for the company for a few months, and I didn’t know Matt very well,” the employee says. “But on that stressful, difficult day, a quick visit and a dozen cupcakes meant more than I’m sure he realizes.”

That story represents the regard employees have for Return Path as a company that not only trusts and empowers them at work, but takes care of them when they need it most.

“I tell new hires this is the place where you recover from abusive jobs and bosses,” one employee says. “Return Path gives you faith in a successful business with heart and values. I'm the luckiest person I know to have found this company.”

Inside Story

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New York City-based Return Path also helped raise money and volunteered in community rebuilding projects. But the company’s reputation for taking care of employees extends beyond that. When two employees passed away after battling cancer and another died unexpectedly in 2012, Return Path sent employees to funeral services, and offered the affected families continued support.

“I have never seen a company come together to help out an employee’s family in this way,” one employee says. “Our CEO embodies the culture and caring that our awesome company demonstrates.”

Most employees agree, with over 90 percent saying people at Return Path care about each other, and that it feels like family. Most people also say that part the company’s caring includes a commitment to work-life balance. Return Path employees get unlimited paid vacation and sick time, which allows them to do their jobs while spending time with family as needed. “The best part of working here is the ability to drop everything at work when you need to get something done at home,” one employee says. After seven years on the job, employees also are eligible for paid, six-week sabbaticals.

Employees say Return Path supports them professionally as well, including keeping them in the loop on important issues and changes, such as the details of the company’s business and finances. “We get to see all of our financials, and we talk through difficult business topics,” one employee says. “The transparency and communication is like nothing I’ve experienced in my career.”

Over 90 percent of employees also appreciate how Return Path gives back to the community, including letting people dip into their unlimited vacation time to do volunteer work. Since an employee was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis five years ago, the company has donated more than $150,000 to the Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis. Every year through its Dream Fund, Return Path provides four employee groups with grants of $10,000 to support fundraising efforts and community projects.

Return Path supplements salaries with stock options for all, and distributes money that could go into a 401(k) match to all employees in the form of reduced healthcare costs in order, the company says, to promote a sense of egalitarianism. About three-quarters of their staff say they are paid fairly, but a number suggest that pay and profit sharing practices could be further improved.

For many people, however, the fact that your CEO is hand-delivering cupcakes to your door after a hurricane and your vacation days never shrink no matter how many you take, makes them measure the value of this company in more than purely financial terms. Ninety-three percent say Return Path is a great workplace.

“The company is unusually thoughtful about and attentive to what its employees need to feel good about coming to work,” one employee says. “Our transparency, freedom, and care are qualities that you do not often see in other workplaces.”

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Unlimited vacation time, plenty of community involvement, and a CEO that shows he cares are par for the course for employees of this email intelligence firm.


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