Sage Rutty & Co., Inc.

What They Do

Help people meet their short- and long- term financial goals through financial planning, retirement planning, small business strategies, trust services, investment management, and legacy, estate, and education planning.

Headquarters: Rochester, New York
Founded: 1915
Employees: 54
Annual Revenues: $10 Million.

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What Makes Sage Rutty & Co., Inc. Great

One of your first official lunches at Sage Rutty will set the tone for your entire time here. Why? Because it’ll be one-on-one with company president Wayne Holly, who makes a point of having lunch with every new employee who joins the team. “He makes it very clear that he holds us to high standards, but we are truly important to him as individuals,” says one employee. “He cares about us and our families, and he cares deeply about his company.”

That sort of caring and friendly professionalism permeates this century-old company, from the president to the 50 other employees who work here, many of whom talk about their co-workers as family. Sage Rutty weaves this orientation into the workplace through core values like “Build a positive team and family spirit” and “Do the right thing — always.”

Among the “right things” Sage Rutty does: chair massages, Keurig coffee machines, and extra half-days off in the summer and during the holiday season. The firm makes an annual profit sharing contribution of 20 percent of pre-taxed profits each year and reimburses industry-related tuition up to $10,000. Throw a few puppy play dates and pancake breakfasts — with the president manning the griddle — into this rewarding and professional mix, and it’s no wonder that employees consider themselves part of a happy Sage Rutty family.

“I always say that I will never leave until they carry me out on a stretcher,” says one.

Inside Story

A third-generation, family-owned business with deep community roots, Sage Rutty maintains its remarkably low turnover by keeping an emphasis on doing what’s right for customers. As the oldest locally-owned financial services firm in its area, Sage Rutty has long adhered to a simple strategy: invest and manage clients' money as if it were your own. The firm garners a remarkable level of commitment from its people, 96 percent of whom plan to work for the company for a long time and 98 percent of whom actually look forward to coming to work. Similiarly, nearly everyone says there is a “family” or “team” feeling at the company and 100 percent say it’s friendly place to work where people celebrate special events.

Part of Sage Rutty’s recipe for success is that people literally feed off the company, as many of the firm’s traditions have to do with preparing and sharing meals. There is an annual chili cook-off, a “souper bowl,” regular barbecues, cookie swaps, ham giveaways during the holidays, and other food-based events, with proceeds often benefiting charities. The company also encourages people to eat lunch together every day: “You cannot eat at your desk, which is awesome because I never realized how isolating it could be,” says one employee. “Eating in the lunchroom where everyone is equal is an integral part of building camaraderie and shows the core values.”

With his personable leadership style, President Wayne Holly fosters an approachability in management that the majority of employees at the firm truly appreciate. “There is a lot to be said for leading by example,” says one employee. “I've never met someone as generous as Wayne Holly.” Adds another, “You can tell that he considers himself to be one of us, just another part of the team.”

If your goal is to work your way up the ladder as you might at a major global corporation, you may find the opportunities at Sage Rutty limited. Instead, the company offers an intimate workplace where people work with clients — often families — in a calm, friendly setting, but lacks the scope of an international organization. That said, Sage Rutty offers solid exposure to a cross-section of financial advisory skills.

Sage Rutty employees look beyond the day-to-day of their workplace to support one of the company’s guiding values: to “strengthen and enrich our community.” The company engages in extensive community outreach, for example by sponsoring Sage Rutty University, which provides free public workshops on topics like estate planning and setting financial goals. Employees also organize bingo and poker events for charity, and they take time off to build houses for Habitat for Humanity and support the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure.

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Employees extol the friendly vibe at this small, down-to-earth financial planning firm, which lives out its core value to 'build a positive team and family spirit.'


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