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Operate a chain of more than 465 "Convenience Restaurants" which offer food and gas service throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and North Carolina. 


Headquarters: Altoona, Pennsylvania
Founded: 1952
Employees: 15530
Annual Revenues: $6200 Million.

Sheetz, Inc. has been awarded:
FORTUNE's 100 Best Companies to Work for ® 2014

What Makes Sheetz, Inc. Great

Sheetz EmployeesSheetz employees concur that the convenience restaurant chain offers not just a job, but a chance to get an education, professional training and give back to the community. They say the company treats employees, customers and just about everyone else as if they’re among its nearest and dearest. 

One fresh-out-of-school college graduate took a job at Sheetz just expecting to have a way to pay off some bills. Six months later, that person found a career and much more — at Sheetz.

“After roughly six months, Sheetz became my clear choice as my career,” the recent college grad says. “Everything this company does is first class. Opportunities to advance are always available. Sheetz has become the backbone of my life and provides a high quality of life for my family.”

Inside Story

Started by Bob Sheetz in 1952 as a small dairy and deli and still family owned and operated, Sheetz today has close to 15,600 employees who work at more than 465 locations across six East Coast states. You won't find day old hot dogs or limp burritos at Sheetz's locations, however. The company and its employees have built a reputation as a convenience store that's a step above, with made-to-order food and friendly service.

"I love how we focus on customer service and fresh, safe products," one employee says.

Employees say the perks they get are a step above too, from small ones, such as listening to the radio on the job or not being asked to come in early or stay late, to major benefits such as quarterly bonuses for all. Employees who work at least 20 hours a week qualify for health insurance, and everyone who works at least 1,000 hours in a calendar year gets shares through an employee stock ownership plan. Employees say the company even arranges their shifts around their classes at school or a second job schedules. Employees describe a welcoming environment from day one and friendly coworkers throughout the company. In all, 95 percent say it's a friendly place to work, and 84 percent say the company feels like family.

"It's really awesome that you can talk to a manager like you've been friends with them for years," one employee says.

“They are geared towards treating their employees as family,” another employee says. “This company gives us stock. We don't have to buy it — they give it to us. They cultivate a family environment as a company and within our stores as well.” 

Company Pride

Sheetz EmployeesBeing part of the Sheetz family is a source of pride to nearly nine out of 10 employees, who are not only proud of the Sheetz name but also of the work they do together. The company encourages people to give back to their communities in ways that go beyond everyday good customer service.

Employees offer free coffee to on-duty police officers any time and to anyone on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Several female employees at one store have become role models for a young customer who lost her mother. At another store, employees helped a stranded family get a hotel room on Christmas Eve and stocked it with food and the store’s Christmas tree.

In more formal community volunteering and fund-raising efforts, employees collect money for an annual For the Kidz holiday event that benefits local families in need with a holiday party, gifts and more. To date, the effort has raised more than $11.6 million. Ninety-one percent of Sheetz employees say they feel good about how the company gives back to the community.

“Sheetz does a lot for their community and treats their customers and co-workers with the utmost respect,” one employee says. “I am beyond proud to say I work here.”



Seven out of 10 employees say that at this family-oriented company, managers consistently avoid playing favorites and promotions go to those who deserve them. Still, given the number of locations Sheetz operates, some employees say there is room for improvement in these decisions. Other employees say they’d like to see certain shifts better staffed, if only to ensure that all customers experience the service that Sheetz has become known for.

At Sheetz, though, employees are willing to work through any challenges, and they’re always encouraged to offer suggestions for improvement. Employees say that that's the way that the people of Sheetz, just like any strong family, make it all work. 

“The company makes you feel like it's a home away from home, helping in any way that they can,” one employee says. “If there is one thing that makes them stick out from others, it's that they are family oriented and show what a family business is all about.”           


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It's all about family at this gas station and convenience store chain, from friendly colleagues and personal customer service to unique benefits and giving back to those in need.


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