World Wide Technology, Inc.

What They Do

Design, plan and install enterprise and supply-chain software for auto, retail and telecom industries and government agencies throughout the United States.

Headquarters: St Louis, Missouri
Founded: 1990
Employees: 2060

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What Makes World Wide Technology, Inc. Great

employee photoWorld Wide Technology (WWT) is a leading systems integrator that provides innovative technology products, services and supply chain solutions to customers and suppliers around the globe. While the $6 billion private company might not be a household name, you'll definitely recognize its customers, which include Dell, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase, the Defense Department and state and local government, as well as technology partners such as Cisco, EMC, NetApp, HP, Microsoft and Oracle. 

They might not get the public recognition received by employees at Google, Facebook or Apple, but the 2,060 people who labor at WWT are proud to tell others where they work just the same, and 97 percent of them say so.

"Our culture is just amazing," one employee says. "You get to work with brilliant people that are also really enjoyable to be around. Everyone tries their best. The end result is great solutions in a very short amount of time."

Inside Story

Founded in 1990 by Chairman David Steward, and CEO Jim Kavanaugh, WWT is a busy place. In addition to IT services and network design and installation, systems and application integration, and procurement, provided through more than 25 facilities worldwide, the St. Louis company also offers transformational customer solutions through their new Advanced Technology Center.

Working on massive IT installations can be challenging, with long hours for all involved. At WWT, those long hours are mitigated in part by the flexibility employees have in where and how work gets done. Through a telecommuting program, employees can work from home or a designated remote area. Some departments work in a "hoteling" space where desks and computers are used by whatever employees are in the office that day. In all, 95 percent of WWT employees say they can take time off from work when necessary, and 91 percent say people are encouraged to balance their work life and their personal life.

“The flexibility WWT offers is amazing,” says one employee, who was able to help his parents after surgeries and work from their home without having to take paid time off. “I feel WWT truly cares about their employees and what goes on in their lives outside of work.”

Employees also appreciate the support they get from the company's management. An overwhelming 96 percent say management is competent at running the business, while 95 percent say management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders and would only lay people off as a last resort.

"There is a 100 percent open-door policy here where every supervisor, manager, and the chairman is approachable and accessible," one employee says. "You can go outside of your department and voice concerns, without fear of retaliation and agree to disagree without repercussions."

Kavanagh is a former professional soccer player, and this previous background in sports helps set the tone for the team mentality that permeates the business. Each quarter, employees nominate their peers for a Desired Culture award based on how well their actions reflect the company’s core values, including  having a positive attitude or being a team player. Ninety-four percent of WWT employees say the company has a "team" or "family" feeling and that they can count on people to cooperate.

"My family and I have had some difficult medical issues this past year," one employee says. "I honestly believe without the support and family type atmosphere we wouldn't be where we are today."

Celebrating Special Events

employee photoEach September, the company's federal inside sales team is under intense pressure to close deals during the government's end-of-year spending push. It's a critical time of year for the business, since a large portion of its overall profit depends on that month. Employees come in early, stay late and work on Saturdays. The company recognizes the sacrifice by making employees' extra time at the office as comfortable, fun and rewarding as possible. The company springs for lunch. During breaks, employees and executives play games such as the "Nintendo Wii Olympics" or WWT's own version of "Minute to Win It" and "Deal or No Deal" for the chance to win weekly prizes, including bonuses, iPods, HD video recorders, Nintendo Wii's, plasma TV's and more. At the end of the year, the team goes on a group outing to celebrate. In all, 95 percent of WWT employees say people at the company celebrate special events.

If you're looking for a 9 to 5 job, WWT might not be the place for you. A few WWT employees would like to see better pay, however, this opinion is in clearly in the minority, as 84 percent find that they are paid fairly already. Given the flexibility, rewards and support from the top that employees say they get, 95 percent of WWT employees say they're willing to give extra to get the job done, and 95 percent say they want to stay at the company for a long time.

"It truly is a fantastic place to work," one employee says. "We work hard, but are happily rewarded by management for a job well done. There are very few companies out there that have such a well-defined set of core values and have the employees exemplify those values every day. Truly blessed!"

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WWT employees are expected to work hard but are rewarded with trust from the top, a focus on work-life balance, and plenty of prizes and fun.


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